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Grußwort Nederlandse Vereniging voor Heelkunde
Prof. Dr. med.Erik Heineman MD PhD FRACS
Prof. Dr. med.
Erik Heineman

Mr. President, Dear Colleagues and Guests
of the 134th Congress of the German Society of Surgery,

I am most grateful for the invitation towards the Dutch Society of Surgery to be guest at the 134th Congress of the German Society of Surgery in Munich.

Last year the same honour was bestowed by the Frankfurter Buchmesse towards Flanders and The Netherlands. We are happy to be appreciated by our neighbours on the Eastern border. The motto at the Frankfurter Buchmesse was ‘This is what we share’.

‘This is what we share’ is also the starting point of our participation in the Munich DGCH Congress.

We share a long history of working towards improvement of the outcomes of surgery in the benefit of the patients whose care has been entrusted to us. The German Society was founded in 1872 and is one of the oldest medical-scientific learned societies. The Dutch Society dates back to 1902.

Our common, and thus shared, goals are

1. To guard and improve the quality and safety of surgical care
2. To advance surgical science and education
3. To look after the interests of our member surgeons

Obviously we need a common conceptual framework to achieve these goals. We find this shared framework in the notion that

• Awareness of the system in which we work, where these days everything is connected
   to one another,
• Appreciative enquiry as the successful strategy to communicate,
• Teamwork as the norm and
• Personal leadership

are the essential buildingblocks.

We also share the notion that fulfilling our ambitions does not come for free, but rather needs hard work. Cooperation between our Societies and cooperation in Europe is essential to reach these ambitions.

Our participation in this meeting will further strengthen the already existing ties and certainly built new horizons of collaboration.

We appreciate your invitation as a great token of friendship and are very grateful for it!

Thank you very much!

Prof. Dr. med. Erik Heineman MD PhD FRACS
President of the Nederlandse Vereniging voor Heelkunde