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For almost 30 years, SYNBONE continues to be a global market leader providing a wide variety of realistic, artificial anatomical products with high quality to train and educate healthcare professionals.

With an annual output of over 300,000 models and customers in more than 60 countries SYNBONE has established a regional office and production facility in 2015 in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

The product portfolio contains anatomical models for surgical education: Trauma, Spine, CMF, Neuro, Recon, and Veterinary.

Since then SYNBONE has expanded its product line to include Torso models for Advanced Trauma Life Support, Gastro-Intestinal and Vascular Training. All training models have been developed under the direction of leading surgeons. The surgeons’ support and knowhow is a very important input for SYNBONE to understand educational needs and further developments for better education outcome.

SYNBONE offers custom-made-models for orthopedic, skills training, surgical simulation and biomechanical testing and ensures that models reflect the latest requirements to obtain the best training outcome for surgeons and operating room personnel.

SYNBONE bone model portfolio contains fractures, pathological deformations, ligaments and soft tissues.

SYNBONE is using the newest available 3D scanners, design software and printing technologies. The product development includes the latest prototyping equipment to design and produce custom-made models from CT scan to anatomical teaching models.

SYNBONE always wants to better the best in terms of technology, manufacturing processes and the latest training methods.

A close collaboration with surgeons, Universities and implant manufacturers all around the world ensure SYNBONE to be the leader regarding developing the highest quality models replicated with the accuracy and attention to detail.

SYNBONE uses polyurethane as base bone material. This enables SYNBONE to calibrate formulations for low-medium-hard cortical shell bones. SYNBONE can vary formulations to replicate cancellous material (for example: long bones in the proximal and distal ends). The production methods include 3D printed molds, soft molds and traditional semi-automated and fully automated equipment using Lean Process Management principles.

SYNBONE combines skilled methods with specialized production partners at both SYNBONE locations in Switzerland and Malaysia. These actions keep the quality high and production costs low, resulting in highly competitive product prices for SYNBONE customers.

As details make the difference SYNBONE is your preferred partner for better education outcome.

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